Pisces Website Help

Using the website

The Pisces website is designed to help you browse and buy securely online in a few simple steps.

We have put in a lot of effort to make your experience on the site straightforward and fun. That's not to say that we've now put our feet up - your suggestions on improvements are welcome and encouraged.

If you have comments on the website, its features or any of the content you see on your travels in Pisces cyberspace, please let us know!

Buying Online

What's involved?

If you've bought products online before, you'll already know the three basic steps:

  • Choosing your product(s)
  • Entering your delivery and billing details
  • Entering your payment details

Even if you're new to online purchasing, you'll find it's quick and easy.

The Pisces website walks you through these same steps using the typical shopping concept: you browse the products, add them to your basket and then check out!

Stock Availability

It is not guaranteed that the stock shown online will always be available at all times. Call our customer service team for up-to-the-minute information on 0844 2570 390.

For your convenience

We have also added a couple of features to make the process even quicker for you, especially if you buy from us online regularly:

  • Address lookup - in most cases, you'll only have to enter your postcode when we ask for your delivery and billing details
  • Save as quote - if you have a shopping list of products and you want to get a quote, add them to your basket as usual, check out then save as a quote. The quote is valid for one month!
  • My Account - register your details once, then the Pisces website can fill them out for you automatically whenever you buy online with us. You can also check your order history, maintain your details and convert your quotes to purchases


When you register online with Pisces, we need to know whether you're a representative of an educational establishment (e.g. a teacher) or a private customer.

If you fit the former description, enter your postcode and we'll attempt to find your establishment. Private customers can go ahead and add their details.

You'll be required to enter a password. This needs to be a 'strong' password - a combination of six or more numbers and letters. Strong passwords are more secure than weak ones, which do not mix numbers and letters.

Transaction and information security

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed online. If you have any further queries, please contact us.

Managing your account (coming soon)

We've provided you with your very own web pages to help you manage your online account.

My Account can be accessed from anywhere on the website and it contains details of:

  • Your Pisces website orders
  • Quotes you have created

You can also:

  • Update your contact details
  • Add / edit delivery addresses
  • Change your password

Purchasing from a quote

Open up the relevant quote on the My Quotes page, check it carefully and click "Buy now". You'll be directed through the usual Checkout process.

If you wish to amend the items on the quote, just press the "Re-quote" button. This will copy the items on the quote back into your shopping basket in order for you to amend items, quantities or add additional items. You can then generate another quote as you did before.

A note on your contact details

You may notice that, if you represent an educational establishment, one item of your contact details can't be updated online. If the address of your establishment is not correct, we ask you to contact us.

Common Problems

This page lists some of the most common problems that you may experience on the Pisces website. If you cannot find a solution here, please check our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

I've lost / forgotten my password

We will send a password reminder to your email address. Once you have received your password, you should consider changing it in My Account.

My educational establishment is not listed when I try to register

When registering as an educational establishment, if you cannot get a match for your postcode, it may be because we do not have the details in our database. Please enter your address in the form provided instead.

I'm having problems with my shopping basket

The Pisces website uses cookies - snippets of data stored by your browser - so that it can remember the contents of your shopping cart and, if you're logged in, which user you are when it comes to checking out.

If your browser's preferences are set to reject cookies, you may experience problems with your shopping basket. Check that they are allowed, at least for the Pisces website.

To find out more about our handling of customer information, please see our Privacy Policy.