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"Sketchbooks, are tools for 'enquiry based learning' and provide a vehicle for their users, whether adult or child, to investigate and explore the world around them, experiment, document and compare and connect experiences and ideas. The 'sketchbook' is not a prescribed object, wholly of images, 'sketches' or words but can be an envelope, note book, scrapbook, journal or even a digital device; mobile phone or camera and should evolve as it is used. Most importantly the 'sketchbook' is a companion, which travels from experience to experience, collecting, exploring and connecting. Essentially the sketchbook belongs to its user. It may be highly personal, private and individual or may be a place to show off and demonstrate the struggles in a creative process and its unique conclusions."

Quote supplied by Shelia Ceccarelli Access Art

Art Sketchbooks

The Pisces Sketchbook range features fantastic high quality, British made books.
From our Stapled selection, to our Spirals and Hardbacks, we have books from A5 to A2, with a variety of weights of paper and pages in each book. There really is a sketchbook for everyone!

Personalising your sketchbooks has never been easier with our Foil Blocking service. Choose from gold or silver blocking, then simply design your logo or wording, select your sketchbooks and we will do the rest! The perfect way to promote your school to both students and parents!